There are many ways to save online evidence. You can take the screenshot or go for a printout, although this includes you or your employees and most of the time, it requires you to collect the metadata yourself manually. You can also use different types of software or downloaders, but make sure it is as per the standards.

Significance of Saving Online Evidences


As a student, journalist, and teacher, or even as an individual, you have to save essential evidence and information. We want to save the documents securely and keep backup of the important data. Offline information can be saved easily but what about the online information. The content may get deleted as sites can remove the controversial content with a single click. Social media posts can be deleted or republished. If you do not save this information, you cannot use it later.


Best Ways to Save Online Evidence


Here are some of the best ways to save online evidence


Copy and Paste

Copying and pasting are one of the important ways you can save online evidence. You can copy and paste the required information. There are other ways to do this. Some prefer to choose copy and paste from the edit menu, while others right click on the highlighted content you wish to copy. The font used on the original web page can also be copied and pasted as it is.


Saving images

Web page images are found on the Internet, regardless of the web page they host. They have their web address and file name and are usually in one of three formats:  PNG, GIF, or JPEG. Save the image by right-clicking on the image and click Save Image option.


Screen capture or screenshot

You can copy an image of what you see on your screen. This is done by simply pressing the copy keys. You will now have a copy of your screen, stored in your computer’s clipboard memory. You can paste it into an email, Word document, or photo editing program.


Saving web pages

You can save web pages in most of the browsers by holding the copy keys while you are on a specific web page. An action box will pop up to ask you how to connect to the web page and where you want to save it. You can save a basic version of the page, without images and limited functionality, by selecting the HTML only as an option. But most people save a complete page. This last option saves the images and some merged technical files in a different folder to let you view and use most of the features of the online version.


Video Downloader

If you want to save any online video as evidence of proof of work, you need a good video downloader that is capable of saving the video in good quality. If you want to save any video from Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, it is important to choose the appropriate downloader. 


Tips to Select the Best Twitter Video Downloader

If you want to save online evidence from Twitter and are looking for the best Twitter video downloader, here are some of the best tips to consider making sure to select the best twitter video downloader.



  • Use of strict criteria


Online evidence must be saved to fulfill the most challenging courts.


  • Trusted and reliable third party


The use of trusted and reputable third parties may include different software or forensic experts.


  • Secure storage


The online evidence must be protected by digital signature; encryption and control of physical copies must be preserved.


  • Get source files


Capturing source files comprises of DOM, HTML. These are the languages ​​that make up the websites.



  • Remember the morals


Saving online evidence does not mean there are no morals and ethics. Make sure to avoid common difficulties such as direct communication with the parties or by falsifying yourself with fake features and online accounts. 


Consider these tips and choose the best Twitter video downloader to save the online evidences easily.