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The radical history of trousers

The trousers have been famous and worn in the western world since ancient times. Now, these are the most common types of clothing for men and the women. You can visit Robell Official Site to buy the best trousers. Being comfortable and practical, it is not surprising that both genders have adopted it as part of their everyday outfits.

Trousers were invented for the first time because dresses are uncomfortable to wear on horseback. Those who wore trousers in the battle had an advantage over those who wore dresses. For this reason, civilizations around the world relied on this form of clothing to survive the war. The oldest pair of trousers in the world has recently been discovered in China: more than 3000 years old, and frankly, it is not very attractive.


Since humanity fell in love with trousers three thousand years ago, people have made statements with them, legislated that can wear them and, of course, have done strange things with their pockets. Greek geographers published the first ever documented reports of trousers in the 6th century BC. The comfort provided by the trousers on horseback made them a practical option. Although worn by both genders in ancient times, trousers have been male clothing for hundreds of years. Instead, women wore voluminous and long skirts. But in the 19th century, women started to wear trousers again. It was only used for riding, although they wore full skirts on top to hide them.


History of Women Trousers


In Asia, men and women wear long trousers to provide warmth and comfort. This type of trousers was particularly useful for riding. In Greece and Rome, trousers were linked with cruel cultures, whereas civilized women wore tunics.

Roman trousers 

In the 14th century, Mediterranean cultures began to wear trousers. The Celts under the Roman Empire wore trousers at the time, and perhaps the styles of Roman trousers came from them. The trousers were more suited to the cold climates of northern Europe, and therefore expansion into France, Great Britain and Germany made them famous locally. When it was learned that the Persians also wore shorts, they were widely accepted. When the Romans encountered trousers in France for the first time, they were considered non-male. This is sometimes combined with a style of Roman trousers called Feminalia.  


Trousers became a fashion


In the middle Ages in Europe, trousers arrived to stay. Women often wore trousers under other types of clothing, which is what led to trousers referring to long outerwear in the US, but refer to different trouser lengths in the UK.

In the 15th century, after the French Revolution, men took off high heels, silk socks, and shorts: to distinguish themselves from the old monarchy, the inhabitants of the Republic began to wear long trousers. These were called trousers, which were named after a popular theater figure.


However, despite its growing popularity, trousers were not considered acceptable clothing for women until the 1970s, and in reality, it was illegal in some places to wear trousers. Nowadays, women wear trousers for all occasions without masculine associations.


Controversies increased regarding women wearing trousers 


In the 19th century, women wore trousers, for riding but they hid with long skirts at the top. While only women who wore trousers will remain somewhat controversial for the next century, they are still very strong. The practice of wearing trousers under long skirts is still practiced in certain religious societies. Until 1970, trousers were not in fashion and sometimes it was illegal for women to wear trousers in classrooms, restaurants and offices in the United States.  


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