Keeping in mind the distinct needs of the senior citizens, Aetna has confirmed that they will be selling a string of different kinds of advantage plans for the upcoming year. The best part about these schemes is that they have been furnished for consideration in 2019 itself so that the subscribers can sincerely analyze them and conclude which of them suits their requirements the best. This means that if you are willing to get your medical expenses covered by Aetna advantage plans, then you will have to do so right at the beginning of 2020 so that it can last you the entire year. In the following section, we will be providing you with an insight into the areas that will be secured by the advantage plans enrolled under them.

The basic coverage

Even though the subscribers will be required to choose from a few recourses, the basic services covered by them will remain the same regardless of the principal amount invested in them. This implies that there would be certain medical costs decided by Medicare itself that would be covered by all the plans and depending upon your choice, the others will vary. As for the basic plan delineated by Medicare for Aetna will be covering the seniors for the majority of Part A and Part B that consists of all the conventional medical care costs such as testing of blood samples, nursing services, some specified drugs and the like. Apart from this, both the in-patient and out-patient costs are covered including the emergency costs and urgently needed care. There are a lot of times when unforeseen emergency medical care can get really expensive and burn a hole in your pocket, but with the advantage plans as your companion, these crises will be seamlessly taken care of. 

The advantage plans offer…

Now all the constituents that we have described in the preceding section qualify for both the Aetna basic and advantage plans; nevertheless, if you sign up for the latter, there will be a number of other indispensable components that will be procured with too. If the seniors feel that the areas of coverage allowed by the basic plans are not turning out as sufficient, then they can opt for the additional recourses of coverage such as Medicare Part D which grants prescription drug coverage plan, meaning, when you visit the doctor for your regular checkup and they write down a list of drugs, some of their costs will be reimbursed from your investment in the plan by the company. 

Let us also tell you that Part D is a plan that can be acquired separately if they are not already included in your advantage plans. Additionally, the Aetna Medicare Advantage plans will also be sometimes accompanied by coverage for your routine medical checkups which fall outside of your customary health examination such as aid to hearing, vision and dental disabilities. The biggest benefit of treatment through these schemes is that if there is any other equipment that such as eyeglasses and hearing enhancers prescribed by the doctor, then once you submit their bill, the amount will be automatically generated back to you.